man proposes, God disposes.

The autonomy of an artwork go to the extend that the work is able to disassociate from its’ creator. In other words; an artwork does not eventually fulfills itself by the hands of the artist initiator. It fulfills itself and therefore remains unpredictable. That said, for me it’s still important to work along the following routine:




1  The Elements as the medium.

The elements, water, air ,fire and earth are the mediums to which the works engages. The use of these elements as mediums is rather an intuitive preference than a strict dogma. Just like any other medium, these elements too, have their own stubbornness, however, the stubbornness of these elements lies at the base of our existence. Every culture had to cope with these elements: they’re fundamental. One can think of a grid, a pattern or a geometrical form but none of the elements will conform.It’s the difference between ideal and practical reality. If these two do not allow each other to the full extend, then harmony can’t be found and form can’t be made. When an idea gets blown by the wind, scorched by the fire, consumed by earth or faded by the sun, it’s not ruined; it’s taking its’ shape in reality. 

2 Repetition and the average

In order to get a grip on reality i think it is imprtant to know the average. to know the average, we must repeat. Because man -just like objects- gets it's recognition and finally it's definition, by repeating itself. For example: humans species go to bed at night and wake up in the morning.  The rule defines the average as well as the exception.  Those two (rule-exception) together form recognition. We can recognize a human being by something that often goes to bed at night and wakes up in the morning, but sometimes is awake at night and sleeps at daytime. To define something, one can not have the ambition to only create something extraordinary (like, for example, something "beautiful"), but one must create the average,  therefore repetition is needed.

3 We the people
Next to the involement of these elements and their characteristics, there must be human involvement to produce
a good attestation of nature. Human involvement becomes more relevant when there is more than only one artist
(individual). Wether it is giving some of their breath (t.b.g serie) or handing a fire (t.f.s serie), all people are
invited to repeat after each other..